08 March 2011

The Dilemma of Wasted Outfits.

{Tunic Top: The Limited, $14}
{Jeans: T.J. Maxx, $20}
{Flats: Target, $12}
{Cardigan: Loft, $25}

Ok, I know this outfit isn't exactly super put together and awesome. But here's my problem. I hate "wasting" an outfit. Like, today. After church (This was Sunday) I sat around the house for awhile, enjoying break. I took pictures of my pets, ate lunch with my padre, and then changed into something a little more fun for dinner out. So why wear a super cute outfit if almost nobody would get to see it? Obviously that was my thinking. I thought about not posting this one, but I wanted to be as honest as possible with the whole challenge thing. So here it is, #27.

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  1. I am SO the same way. hah Oftentimes I repeat the outfit I wore to church sunday sometime throughout the week because other than a few good friends the school crowd and church crowd dont mix. appreciate the honesty though ;)


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