21 March 2011

Just a little Vent

{Top: idk, Mom's}
{Jeans: T.J. Maxx, $20}
{Flats: Modcloth, $25}
{Blazer: Thrifted, $4}
{Necklace: Forever 21, gift}
{Purse: Charlotte Russe, $13}
{Scarf: Old Navy, $1}

I consider myself a generally positive person. I honestly do see the bright side of (most) things and I'll do just about anything to avoid a fight with my friends or family. But dang, sometimes I wish I could let out all my frustrations and vent to the world. I won't make you all listen to all that because I do want to keep the tone of this blog positive. But I will say... Be careful with the words you use to your loved ones. For instance: When using the phrase "Guess what?!" You should generally follow it up with something positive.

Correct Example: "Guess what?! I got this awesome silk scarf for ONE DOLLAR!"
Incorrect Example: "Guess what?! The divorce finally went through!"

Whew, ok. That's the end of my venting for now. Again, I don't mean for this to be a negative post in anyways. Actually when I told the story above to some of my friends it even got a few laughs.

I hope everyone else is having a good beginning to the week... And if any of you have days like me and just need to vent- feel free to email me! I'm always willing to listen :)

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