10 January 2011

And Now, Back to Regularly Scheduled Posting

No, I haven't forgotten about the 30 for 30. Just getting the last 2 sets of pictures in order :)
Until then (which should be BY tomorrow afternoon) here's some things I've been up to, and of course, what I was wearing.


Every year my family goes to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. As I've grown up it's always been a favorite tradition of mine. When I was little though, I was terrified Santa Claus was going to skip my house because I stayed up so late.

Atlanta Coke Factory Day Trip

A few days after Christmas Greg and I headed down to Atlanta for a fun little day trip. We visited the Coca Cola Factory, which was SO much fun. If you're in the area, you should definitely pay a visit. The best part, in my opinion, was the tasting room at the very end of the tour. Sixty-Three sodas from all over the world. I tried every. single. one. And then when the employee asked me if I had a good time as I was leaving I replied with the absolute largest burp ever. Obviously, it was a complete accident that I just couldn't stop, but I was SO embarrassed. He just laughed and replied that they considered that answer a compliment. Still, I got made fun of the entire drive home.

And a Few Randoms...

It snowed so much over Christmas break, which is extremely unusual for Tennessee. One night I walked out to my car to find a little snowman my dad made me! And yes, those are beer bottle top eyes....

The reason why you should plan before you pack...

And because I just couldn't resist, here is a picture of our donkeys, Eeyore and Daisy :)


  1. Love your Christmas outfit!! And how fun does Atlanta look? I've never been, but I'd probably end up drinking as much coke as you. And I can't believe you have donkeys!! They're adorable :)

  2. Love the outfits look too precious in all of your cutie little tights! And funny! He's my favorite!

  3. Rocking the marroon tights - very inspirational! Is summer where I am, but looking forward to some colder temps soon!


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