24 January 2011

Personal Style

{Skirt: Gap, $15}
{Top: Target, $12}
{Cardigan: Charlotte Russe, $20}
{Tights: Mom's}
{Shoes: Urban Outfitters, $50}
{Necklace: The Body Show, $3}
{Ring: H&M, pack of 4 for $8}
{Belt: Steve & Barry's, $8}

Today I felt kind of vintage girly, like Julie. The other day I felt kind of tough, all black and leather. And then I also felt modern, trendy, girly, and whatever other adjective that you could use to describe style. I've never been a singular style type of person because I've always liked different styles so much that I could never settle on just one. This used to bother me. I think it bothered me because I would always see people who had their own styles- always vintage or modern or bohemian. I felt like because I didn't have my own personal style that I was just a copier, or uncreative, or indecisive. What I've come to realize though is that just because I don't stick to certain things doesn't mean I'm any of those negative adjectives above. I love being able to be completely different from day to day, and THAT, the ever changing but still a little the same, that's my personal style.


  1. That ring is about the most awesomest thing I've seen all day..rockin!

  2. oh i love that ring! the whole outfit is great :)


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