13 January 2011

New Boots!

{Dress: Forever 21}{Tights: American Eagle}{Blazer: Thrifted}{Belt: NY & Co.}{Socks: Target}
{Boots: Belk}

I bought these socks a year ago so I could do the whole socks and boots thing.... But it wasn't until seriously last week until I found a pair of boots. Although I'm still dying for a pair of riding style tall boots, I found these black motorcycle ones on sale for 65% off the other day. Right after that, Greg asked me if I wanted to go motorcycle riding. Although I'm sure it would be fun, and I could have some cute outfits/pictures, I have to admit that I'm still scared to death of actually riding one. I blame it on my dad. He works as a legal advisor for the sheriff's department, and one of his jobs is to go to crash scenes and reconstruct exactly what happened. Needless to say, he filled my young mind with lots of terrible motorcycle stories. Looking back, I'm sure he did it on purpose. I have to admit though, it worked. haha. But one day though I would like to go on a little ride. I know a few people that ride, and they all love it... so I mean, there has to be something good about it, right?


  1. Wow, I love those boots! Your whole outfit actually. :) I bought some riding boots back in August at Target. I love them. So when I saw them last week for 50% off, I bought another pair. Just in case, you know.

  2. Brrrrr....can't believe that blazer is thrifted!

  3. I love this outfit! I just found your blog and am so excited to have, you are too cute!

  4. I have a tough time finding boots. I think I went 3 years before finding a pair that worked. I mean I didn't look constantly but sometimes I went out specifically to try on a million boots.

    I like the socks + boots. you got a good combo there.

    I like taking pictures in the snow. It adds so much to the photos. Too bad it is also cold and sometimes the snow flakes can ruin a picture too. At least here in Pittsburgh it snows a lot so we can get lots of practice.


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