27 January 2011

Today + 2 Days Ago

^ This is my look for
"I'm so excited because I just love this coat!"/"Oh wait, is it taking the picture now??"

{Coat: Modcloth, gift}
{Top: Charlotte Russe, $7}
{Skirt: Target, $20}
{Tights:, $10}
{Boots: Ross, $15}
{Necklaces: gifts}

Why yes, that is a giant owl necklace. In fact, I got three for my birthday. Success? Yes.
This year my mom asked for a serious Christmas list (normally mine are just like "cute clothes, cute shoes, cute stuff.") On the list I included this coat from modcloth... Ok, this was the only thing on the list, but anyways... I liked it online, but when I opened it on Christmas it was too small. So my mom sent it back and had the right size shipped to me. It came in the mail yesterday and I couldn't be happier with it.

What I'm not happy with... drama. Drama and mean people. They both make me really sad. I know everyone can have their moments, and I'm certainly not saying I don't have mine... But sometimes I wonder how people are genuinely mean. What's the point to doing things like that? Yeah, sometimes life throws you a curveball, and sometimes it's hard to deal with, but that's what most people do- they deal with it. You don't refuse to deal with it and do everything you can to be mean.

Well, obviously you can probably tell I've had a day... to say the least. But that's what best friends and chocolate are for... Oh, and pretty coats. Pretty coats help too.

Two Days Ago...

{Pants: Old Navy, $5}
{Top: Hanes?}
{Cardigan: Forever 21, $14}
{Necklace: Gift}
{Shoes: Toms, gift}
{Belt: J. Crew, $13}

The other day I was feeling picky. My desires for the day were:
  • Comfy and warm
  • No tights (therefore no skirts or dresses)
  • No jeans

This pickiness left me with one real option- pants other than jeans. I haven't worn these cords in forever, mainly because their not the most flattering thing in the world. They are, however, one of the comfiest pairs of pants ever. So, cords it was. I continued on the comfy trend with a plain white t-shirt, cardigan, and Toms.

Has anyone else ever gotten Toms? I used to think they were so ugly, but I fell in love with this gold herringbone pair and Greg got them for me for Christmas. Seriously, if you want some comfy shoes, buy Toms. Plus, they have the whole 1 for 1 thing, which is really awesome. If you're totally lost and have no idea what I'm talking about, go here.

Another thing that I'm in love with.... This necklace my Aunt and Uncle got me for my birthday. I'm honestly NOT a dainty jewelry type of person. Most pieces I have generally end up sitting in my jewelry box only to be taken out on random special occasions, but I haven't taken this necklace off. I love it to death :)


  1. i agree. i never was a fan of toms, but i seriously love those glittery ones!

  2. Mean people are not worth your time! Just keep a positive outlook and everything is beautiful! Love the toms, I need a pair!


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