20 January 2011

Thank You, Rain Snow Mix.

{Dress: Target, $35}
{Cardigan: Gap, $10}
{Tights:, $10}
{Flats: Target, $9}
{Necklace: American Eagle, Gift}

Since I have to open the coffeeshop on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I love getting to sleep in a little bit on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You would think that those days I would have the most put together outfits due to the extra hours of wake up time. Nope. Apparently I like sleeping in so much that I physically refuse to wake up more than 40 minutes before my first class. Go figure. So what do I do when I have less than 20 min to get ready (in order to leave time for walking and last minute homework) AND are smack in the middle of no pants week... Pick a printed dress and add some solids. The end.

Also, I just want to thank the weather for being awful and rain/snowy today. No, seriously. Because instead of admitting to people I barely woke up in time to brush my hair, much less straighten it, I can blame it on the weather. So thank you, dang snow, for "ruining my hair today." ;)


  1. Don't you love the hair-snow/rain excuse? I definitely used that during Finals last Spring, haha.

    I love your dress! That shade of blue looks really good on you!

  2. That dress is so pretty! The blue & white pattern is gorg - you can hardly tell you got ready so quickly.

  3. Ok, so that totally works! I'm loveing the lovely print on you! I'm a big fan of blue!

  4. I absolutely love the print of this dress. I love that it is in blue, but also that it is a bit spring-ish.
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