19 January 2011

Girly Girl

{Top: Charlotte Russe, $5}
{Skirt: H&M, $24}
{Cardigan: Banana Republic, $20}
{Tights: Mom's, haha}
{Flats: Target, $10}
{Necklace: American Eagle? Gift}

Sigh. This is another one of those outfits I liked in person but not in pictures. Oh well. I think it's mostly because the shape of this skirt. I knew it probably wasn't the best shape, but I'm just so in love with the heart pattern that I couldn't resist. I think maybe if I shorted it just a tiny bit it would work better? Actually, I think it would be best to take in the sides some... But we'll see.

Also, could you tell that I rebelled from yesterdays leather and black with this outfit? Hearts, lace, and ruffles, this one is 100% girly.


  1. I like the change up! The skirt is really cute!

  2. I love that skirt! I think your pics look fab!


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