17 January 2011

Birthday Post!

{Dress: Urban Outfitters, $10}
{Cardigan: Loft, $15}
{Tights: Target, gift}
{Socks: Target, $4}
{Boots: Belk's, $35}
{Belt: J. Crew, $15}

Thank you guys for all of your sweet birthday wishes! I had such a good weekend. It started with my lovely boyfriend going to get me breakfast before I even woke up. Then we went to lunch at Nakama, which is this amazing sushi place in the Southside. Although I love sushi, I always stick to shrimp tempura. This time though, Greg ordered a Hawaiian Roll- eel, shrimp tempura, and topped with a large amount of raw tuna. AND, I tried it. I was pretty proud of my new accomplishment. Anyways, then we went to the milkshake factory, which is basically this super delicious chocolate and ice cream store next door to Nakama. Roasted chocolate almond/Piece of cake flavored milkshake- DELICIOUS.
Then, because he's awesome, Greg took me to H&M and didn't even act annoyed when I did my 'crazy shopper on a mission' zig-zag runwalk. To finish out the day we went back to campus and had pizza and cake with some friends to celebrate both my friend Colleen's birthday and mine. The grand finale- watching the Steelers beat the Ravens!

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  1. Looks like you had a great birthday! And your dress was super cute! And $10??? I love UO sales!


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