11 January 2011

Dear Snow, Thanks for Ruining My Hair Today (29 and 30!)

{Skirt/Dress: Catos}{Top: The Limited}{Belt: NY & Co.}{Necklace: Urban Outfitters} {Tights: American Eagle}{Flats: Target}

I actually planned to wear this outfit awhile ago, but it looked a bit too much like sixteen. So to mix it up a bit I added blue tights and this necklace I got on clearance from Urban Outfitters. Speaking of that, I have to tell you about my biggest letdown recently... When Greg and I went to Atlanta we stopped by their incredible mall and I practically sprinted to the UO store. I've only shopped online and never actually been in one, so I was SO excited. I love the online store, I always find cute jewelry, dresses, and other stuff for cheap sale prices. To my dismay, the store was filled with a ton of people, and a ton of overpriced boring/odd things. Maybe its just one of those places that's a hit and miss for my style?

New Year's Eve- THIRTY!

{Skirt: Charlotte Russe}{Top: Old Navy}{Jacket: Forever 21}{Tights: American Eagle}
{Necklace: gift}{Shoes: Target}

In real life I actually wore this with my polka dot tights and white blouse. However, my tights got left at home (!!) and my shirt has a coffee stain. So here's my other restyle. I think I might actually like this one better; it really makes the necklace stand out. And the necklace- love it. I mentioned to Greg's family a few days before Christmas that I left all my jewelry at school, and on Christmas morning I opened some really cute necklaces from them :) Normally I mix it up constantly and don't re-wear the same pieces too often, but I think I've worn every other day this week.

To all of you who have watched, supported, and commented during the 30 for 30 challenge, thank you! Hopefully I'll get a summary post done this time around...

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  1. I love the necklace...and the colored tights! I really want some more of those things.. maybe this weekend.


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