21 February 2011

An Awkward and Awesome Monday

{Skirt: H&M, $17}
{Top: The Limited, $10}
{Tights: Target, $10}
{Boots: TJ Maxx, $30}
{Necklace: Urban Outfitters, $10}
{Coat: American Eagle, gift}

I'm sure you probably have seen The Daybook by now, but if you haven't, Sydney does this really cute thing called "An awkward and awesome Thursday" in which she lists any number of awkward and awesome things that happened to her. I'm always tempted to join in but can never think of what to say. Of course now that I have tons of things to add- it's Tuesday (first thing on the awkward list- thinking that it actually is Tuesday...) Since I just don't think I can wait (aka remember) until Thursday, here goes:

  • Waking wayyyy late and leaving my dorm for work in the same T-shirt I slept in.
  • Setting off the car alarm in the minivan I'm driving for the time being...
  • And subsequently being unable to turn off the alarm...
  • And driving through campus, in said minivan, with said alarm...
  • And then calling my dad because it's really become too much.
  • Windblown Skirts.
  • Sliding around in the snow in my boots that were definitely not made for this weather.
  • Pretending to take pictures of... the sky... instead of myself when someone walks by.
  • Being unable to tell my Chinese professor goodbye because the only word I can think of is "Adios."
  • Having to ask for directions at work (I'm a tour guide...)

  • Putting together a decent outfit in under 5 minutes.
  • Windblown hair.
  • Getting out of class an hour and a half early.
  • The awesome dinner my school cafeteria cooked tonight... seriously.
  • Finalizing my application for study abroad *crosses fingers*
  • Knowing that this time next week I'll be on Spring Break.
  • Going to Denny's realllly late at night with my awesome friends.
  • Having a super smart room-mate who helps me with homework.
  • The outdoor Dairy Queen being open during a snow storm- and people going.
  • Finishing (and understanding!) said homework.
  • Having a boyfriend who tries really hard to be super sweet all the time.

Not awesome
Really needing to stop blogging and continue studying for my history midterm tomorrow....

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  1. HAHA i seriously laughed at all of your awkwards! and CUTE OUTFIT. youre really braving the weather!


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