01 February 2011

Today I noticed...

{Dress: Urban Outfitters, $10}
{Tights: Target, $10}
{Jacket: Target, middle school}
{Coat: American Eagle, gift}
{Boots: TJ Maxx, $30}
{Necklace: gift}
{Ring: H&M, 4 for $8}
{Bracelets: random collection}
{Scarf: francesca's, $15}

Four things I noticed today:

  1. I need to work on picture poses because I always seem to resort to the whole 'tuck hair behind ear/look to the right/cross legs' type of pose.
  2. I wore more than one owl piece of jewelry today- and didn't even mean to.
  3. I have lots of minor changes throughout the day. Examples above (scarf/no scarf. brown jacket/maroon coat/no jacket or coat.)
  4. College stinks because you get sick alot. One of my professors referred to dorms as living petri dishes, and I think he was right. Seriously, I've gotten sick more this past year and a half then all of middle and high school combined. This time it was due to my room-mate catching bronchitis (wow, I spelled that right the first time.) Here's crossing my fingers that we both get better soon!


  1. I love the necklace...feel better soon!

  2. I think you are right...lots of germs just floating around everywhere! And I think you are a fine poser! (poser?)

  3. I hope you get better soon. Also, I don't mind you posing at all. Think of it as your "signature"!
    No Guilt Fashion

  4. I love your dress! I find myself making many outfit changes throught the day too! My outfits alot of the times look totally different by the time I take pictures later in the day than they did when I put them on in the morning.

  5. the boots are perfect!!!;)
    I am also mixing!:) see my blog..

  6. I love your dress and coat and boots and necklace and everything! haha. You are too cute!! OH and your blog name is kinda way perfect!


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