15 February 2011

Before the Drive

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments while I was gone! For the most part it was a great little weekend trip, and I have so many pictures to share over the next few days.

First off, this is what i wore Friday:

Skirt: Target, $20
Top: The Limited, $20
Tights: Target, $10
Flats: Target, $12
Scarf: Francesca's, $15
Necklace: Target, $9

I wanted to just cheat and wear jeans and a comfy sweater today. But I didn't, and I felt proud. Does anyone else feel that way? Like, super super proud of yourself for sticking to this 30 for 30? haha, it's such a challenge for me. Anyways, I threw this scarf on for comfort but ended up loving how the colors matched. Gosh, I love it when that happens

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  1. I love that skirt! And the color combo is really great :)


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