11 February 2011

Better the First Time

{Dress: Old Navy, $4}
{Cardigan: LOFT, $25}
{Tights: Vintage, Moms}
{Belt: Vintage, also Moms}
{Flats: Target, $9}
{Necklace: gift}

So I actually wore this a few days ago but never got to get pictures because I was sick. When I wore this for real I styled it with my maroon tights that I wear allll the time. I think I liked it better with the maroon, I just tried to switch it up a little bit for pictures. Better to stick with my first choices... it this case anyways.

Also, since I wore this when it was warm with no snow, I just about froze during these pictures. So I decided to treat myself to warm comfy clothes and a raspberry hot chocolate afterwards. yummm :)

Have a good weekend everyone! I'll be going home to Tennessee for a few days, so posting may or may not be regular. I'll definitely stick to the 30 though!


  1. I want those socks, they look so cozy! Have fun at home!

  2. You are so adorable with your slippers and hairbow!!!

  3. I like the dress. It looks nice with those tights but I could see it looking nice with maroon tights too. That hot chocolate sounds delicious :)

  4. Raspberry hot chocolate?! Sounds delicious! And slipper socks? Jealous. Have fun in TN!

  5. You look gorgeous in that dress and cardi. Keep warm, I know it's so hard to do tights when it's snowy outside!!

  6. wow what a perfect look!!!you look very feminine!

  7. Loooove that ruffled dress, and such a steal at $4! I had no idea that Hershey's made hot coco mix either. I need some of that STAT.

  8. I've got try out more dresses and always look so cute! I've gotta try that hot chocolate too, you've got my mouth watering!

    Stay warm!


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