16 February 2011

Valentine's Stuff

As of this summer, Greg did NOT cook. Poor thing tried to cook fish with a pancake batter topping... That's about where his talent stood. So when I arrived at his apartment dressed up (as requested) and heard that he had cooked, I was somewhat nervous. Turns out, it was REALLY good. We had roasted duck with a strawberry glaze over coconut thai rice and orance seasoned snap peas. Bonus points for being different! And extra bonus points for it actually tasting good. Apparently he marinated the duck in some type of wine (or two?) but had sparkling pink lemonade to drink because I'm honestly just not a drinker. Needless to say, I was impressed.
Ok, so this is where Greg's real sappiness comes out (hmm... is he going to kill me for blogging about this....) Anyways, if you've seen the music video "Mine" by Taylor Swift you'll recognize the way these pictures are hung. He got inspiration from that video and then enlisted the help of his room-mate to get a bunch of pictures of him, I, and us strung up through the hallway.

I think I should get an award from Menchie's Frozen Yogurt for being their MVC (Most Valued Consumer.) We went twice over the weekend, and multiple times during the summer (that's multiple times per week, not the whole sumer....) Plus, I always bring at least one other person with me. But I doubt I'll ever get an award from them. I sample too much and get kindergardener sundaes with EVERYTHING on them. Oh well- worth it.
Chocolate covered strawberries are Greg's favorite, so I made him a batch. I was actually pretty proud of how they turned out. See the tuxedos? Yeah, I did that... It's pretty easy though, thank goodness!
Rose flavored frozen yogurt? What??! Well, just so that I wouldn't be bashing something I hadn't tried, I did give it a chance. Greg and I agreed it tasted something like cotton candy doused in an older woman's perfume, as you can probably tell from his lovely face.
{Tunic: The Limited, $7}
{Tights:, $10}
{Boots: T.J. Maxx, $25}
{Necklace: Forever 21, $5}
{Blazer: H&M, $25}
{Fox Ring: H&M, 4 for $8}

Since I had to leave sometime mid-day on Monday to get back up to Pittsburgh, we celebrated Valentine's Day early on Sunday. Forgive me for the sappiness of it, Greg and I are both very much the romantic type. I kept forgetting it was Valentine's day weekend because for some ironic reason I've never really gotten into celebrating it. Regardless, we had a really good time being goofy and spending some time together- especially since we see each other so little being so far away.

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