18 February 2011

Bare Legs and a New Watch

{Dress: H&M, $5}
{Top: T. J. Maxx, $9}
{Necklace: Forever 21, $5}
{Flats: Forever 21, $9}
{Watch: Target, gift}
{Rings: Silpada, $45}
I understand that every blogger out there is talking about the weather. But oh my goodness it's SO nice! It hovered around 60ยบ today. SIXTY. In February. In Pittsburgh. I'm overjoyed.

On to subjects other than the weather... Do you ever get a gift that you're unsure whether you like or not, and then a few weeks down the road all of the sudden realize you're in love with it? Well that's what happened with me and this watch. My aunt, who is pretty much one of the best gift givers ever, got it for me for Christmas but because I never ever wear watches I just wasn't sure how I felt about it. Yesterday night as I was putting up jewelry ** See below** I came across it and for some reason felt completely different about it... and then proceeded to plan an outfit around it. Yep, I do that.

^This is the reason I was cleaning/still need to clean. This is my desk. Good thing I don't need it for anything other than a shelf for the next few days.... Note though- all of these clothes (and cheer uniform, terrible towel, scarf, TOMs, etc) are clean. They just haven't seemed to find their way back to their own place yet.

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