03 February 2011

Thrifted Treasure.

{Blazer: Thrifted, $3}
{Skirt: H&M, $16}
{Top: The Limited, $20}
{Tights:, $10}
{Flats: Target, $15}
{Necklace: gift}
{Bracelets: random}
{Belt: Old Navy Men's, $1}

I came across this little blazer while thrifting the other day. At first I just saw an ugly old brown thing... but as I gave it a second look I started to see how much I really liked it. To start out with, it's not just brown. There's all of these other colors lightly woven in- deep jewel tones of blues, greens, and maroons. Also, it has the softest suede elbows (elbow pads?) And even though it's obviously pretty old (I can tell from the tag on the inside) the fabric, 100% wool, is in nearly perfect condition. To think I got it for $3!

Also, thank you all for your sweet comments and well wishes! After a 13 hour sleep I'm feeling much better- although my lack of voice begs to differ :/


  1. I love this outfit! It's very sweet. :) And the tights give it the perfect pop of color!

  2. That blazer was an awesome buy! and it goes great with your top. I'm glad you're feeling better! Being sick is no fun.

  3. That is a fabulous jacket! Love the elbow patches! Doesn't a great thrifted find just make things peachy!

  4. Love the outfit, the tights add a fabulous pop of color!

  5. that blazer won its way into my heart in these pics--leather elbow patches? swoon. seriously. you've paired it perfectly in this ensemble. love it!
    -brittney (fellow remixer!)

  6. I love this look! The neutral outfit paired with the maroon tights is fantastic. So pretty.

  7. I love your third look!!! See my blog, I am from Prague;) And I am also matching!:)

  8. Wow, what great tights! You pull off this look so well! Good luck with the 30 for 30 challenge! =)

  9. Too cute! I just love the maroon tights. :)

  10. So so cute! I love the blazer. I would buy anything with elbow pads on it. Amazing.

    Keep up the great work!

    -Caitlin (


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