18 February 2011

Friday = Short Post... and Dairy Queen

^This is what it looks like when the wind knocks my camera down.^

{Dress: Old Navy, $4}
{Cardigan: Banana Republic, $25}
{Flats: Target, $9}
{Polka Dot Tights: Target, $10}
{Koi Necklace: Forever 21, $4}

I picked the wrong day to wear lipstick. It was warm again- but so windy that there wasn't a second my hair wasn't in my face. So what did I do? Got a mini blizzard (mmmm French Silk) and said the heck with it.

So... That's all for now. It's a Friday night and I'm going to Denny's with my friends. Plans anyone?


  1. Dairy Queen?! So jealous. They closed the only one near me. :(

    Love that ruffly dress and those pretty bright lips on your.

  2. I love those tights! And I love a good Blizzard ;)

  3. I like your dress with the ruffles! That blizzard sounds really good :)

  4. I adore Dairy Queen! And your lipstick! I am going to have to buy some, I just can't live without it any longer.
    Have a good weekend!


  5. I LOVE the Airplane in the second Picture! Thats so cool! It goes right along with it somehow! Too bad that didn't happen when you were wearing your airplanes and roses dress! HA!


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