09 February 2011


My hair was big earlier. Who knows why... Examples to follow.

{Dress: H&M, $5}
{Leggings: Target, $6}
{Boots: Belk, $35}
{Scarf: American Eagle, $10}
{Necklaces: American Eagle, gifts}
{Rings: Silpada, $45 for 5}

Something weird today- my rings are the most expensive thing I have on (and not really even that expensive all things considered.) I used to flat out refuse to buy anything that wasn't A) on super sale or B) really cheap. This led me to very much of a quantity vs. quality type of wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I don't buy bad clothes, and I truly do love everything I wear. But now that I've amassed this large quantity driven closet, I'm starting to look at things with a bit more scrutiny than usual- and I'm starting to be willing to pay more for things I know will last (and sometimes splurge on things I just love.) Of course I'm still focused on finding great deals- thrifting! Woohoo! But don't be super surprised if every once and awhile you see an item that I bought for a little more money than normal.

Side note- I like showing the price of things because I get excited about good deals, and I like being honest about how much I paid for an outfit for your reference. I've never really gotten feedback about it before, so let me know- do you like seeing prices listed or are you not too fond of it?


  1. i LOVE seeing the deals that other people get so keep doing it!

  2. Really cute, and I love great deals too...why not post the prices? lol.

  3. I like seeing the prices! It's encouraging to see other people put outfits together on a budget similar to mine and know that I can do it, too! It encourages me to be a better shopper. Love this outfit, too!

  4. I like seeing the prices. I love getting good deals and its fun seeing what deals other people are getting! Your outfit's really cute!

  5. very girly and simple!!! Really like your style!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. :) That dress is so cute. Love it! I love how people show prices. I should really do it but I'm not good and writing down how much things are. Maybe that's something I'll start doing. Have a great day!

  7. I like seeing how much you paid for things -- I could never remember how much I paid for anything. I love the dash of color you added to this outfit with the pink scarf, lovely!

  8. cute outfit! And Im definitely at the same place in my shopping life right now lol, I used to going on mass shopping sprees at forever21 when I shopped (Which is like $150-$200 for me, I'm on a college student budget lol) but Im trying to buy nicer thing that will last more that a few months or a year tops lol! Great post


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